GiveHeart is a platform that makes it easier for you to fundraise money online for your own personal cause.

We believe that we can help people who are in need or want to make their dreams come true.

Don't wait! Start fundraising today and make your dreams come true! Because helping others can change the world for the better!
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What are the benefits of helping others?

Helping another person gives us self-satisfaction and makes us feel better. The helping hand that we show to others gives a deeper meaning to our lives and enriches us internally.

Helping others is a good thing that will come back to us sooner or later. Together, we create a community of people, so let's not close our eyes and ears to the needs of another human being, let's devote a moment of our time, energy or make a donation, because we don’t know when we will need help from others. Our noble deeds, gestures of kindness and help also affect the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter colloquially known by many scientists as the neurotransmitter of happiness.

Every help is valuable. Helping others help us to live a happier more fulfilled life.
Each of us can help. Even the smallest gesture of help, can bring the greatest change in the world and makes the world better place to live.

Send Donation!

Do you want to give your heart to others? Make a one-time or monthly donation to a fundraiser or charity organization of your choice, because any help is valuable!

Become a GH Volunteer!

Do you want to become a GiveHeart volunteer? Nothing easier-start promote and share our website and our fundraisers. Invite your friends and family to follow our page. Recommend us to others on social media. Or maybe you want to help someone or surprise someone you love? Become a volunteer and set up a fundraiser on his behalf! This person has to give his consent. In return, we will give you our Heart Badge to let everybody know you're a GiveHeart volunteer!

Give a Gift

Are you celebrating a birthday and you don't want a standard gift? Ask your friends for donation to a fundraiser of your choice or other charity instead of buying you a standard present.