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Arkadiusz Porwoł

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I am a dad of two small children, husband of a wonderful wife. I’ve got a cancer that has attacked my brain. It's a grade IV glioblastoma. I will never give up. I want to watch my children grow up, be a support for my wife. I won't let this monster take me out of this world, not so fast! Thanks to you, I started therapy in Cologne, thanks to which I am still here, I fight and live. There is nothing more valuable than time spent with loved ones, so I am asking you with all my heart - help me be here as long as possible! Without money, I will not be able to continue the only treatment that gives me hope ... Three-year-old Tymek and seven-year-old Elizka are the whole world for me and my wife Michalina. It is my family that made it impossible for me to give up. My children are still so small, they will need both parents for a long time. I love life and the people I have next to me. So far, nothing disturbed our peace, we made plans for a happy future together. And then the cancer came.
At first, I ignored the headaches. When they started to get stronger, I went to the doctor. The MRI description was understandable and frightening - a huge six-centimeter brain tumor! It's a diagnosis that made death look straight into my eyes. I felt her chill and the fear it brings with it. However, I did not buckle. I told her a firm NO! It's not now, it's not the time yet! Two weeks later I was in the Department of Neurosurgery in Puszczykowo, where I underwent an operation that successfully removed the tumor completely. The only thing left was to wait for the results of the histopathological examination. We got a moment of breath, the operation, although with an open brain, proceeded without complications. We believed the tumor would turn out to be a harmless episode. Unfortunately, our hope did not last long ...
The study showed that the removed tumor was grade IV glioblastoma. The most malignant form of brain tumor. Statistics show that despite the standard treatment undertaken, the average life expectancy of patients with this diagnosis ranges from 9 to 12 months. More than a year has passed since my diagnosis and I am still here thanks to immunotherapy!

Glioblastoma is dangerous and fatal, relapsing and spreading at an extremely rapid rate. In the fight with him you have to be vigilant all the time and never give up, because he only waits for a moment of doubt, treatment interrupted, to attack again ...
Arkadiusz Porwoł
I have someone to fight for and who to live for. I felt even more that my children needed a father and that my beloved wife needed a husband. We still have a happy life ahead of us, however long it may not be.

Here begins my conscious struggle for each day. With the help of many kind people, specialists, I managed to get to the Clinic in Cologne, where, after completing the standard treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy), I started specially selected forms of immunotherapy, which gave me a chance for life.

The treatment includes, among others dendritic cell vaccines, oncolytic virus vaccines, administration of targeted antibodies, heat therapy. Research results confirm the effectiveness of these methods. This therapy is also recommended to me by people who suffered from grade IV glioma. They have undergone all levels of conventional (accessible) treatment and immunotherapy in Cologne and are out of the hands of death! They live, feel well, raise children and work! They have been living without relapse for over 10 years!

So there is a real chance that I can be with my family much longer than the statistical 12 months. However, there is huge money on the way to fulfill my dream ...
Arkadiusz Porwoł

 The next cost estimate amounts to almost EUR 80,000. This money is unrealistic for us to get. Since I was diagnosed with glioblastoma, our savings have already diminished to a large extent. Medical consultations, travel costs, medications have cost me, and I had to quit my job due to my illness.
Before I started seeking help, I was not aware of how much goodness in various forms can be obtained from other people. Words of support, lots of professional advice, kindness and interest gave me the strength to fight. Each of the people I would never have known had it not been for my illness has put in me a brick of warmth and hope. I would like to thank everyone for this help!

I stand in front of you again and ask for help. Please give me a chance to live. Add your contribution to the everyday smile of my children, to peace of mind for my wife's future ... This is not the time for a white flag, for capitulation and for giving up the happiness that my beloved family gives me. Please give me a chance to recover and win against brain cancer.

"Hope contains a light stronger than the darkness that prevails in our hearts", may there be as much of this light as possible ... Thank you with all my heart.

Arek Porwol




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