According to the definition of the Volunteer Center in Poland - volunteering is free, conscious activity for the benefit of others. Anyone can become a volunteer, regardless of gender, race, nationality or age.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to use your own experiences, acquired knowledge and skills in new areas, broadening our personal and professional horizons.

The advantages of being a volunteer:

  • have a quality time
  • a sense of deeper meaning in your life,
  • volunteering as a good method of self-development,
  • it is an opportunity to meet other people, be with another person,
  • volunteering gives us a feeling of contentment and peace
  • sets a good example for others,
  • and according to Belgian scientists, volunteering extends our lives!

Prof. Sara Willems from the University of Ghent, based of research carried out with the economist prof. Stjin Beart, claims that the health of people involved in helping others is better than that of their peers who do not contribute to charity.

Belgian researchers, by analyzing the information collected as part of the European Social Survey, on the health and professional situation of volunteers, noticed that people taking an active part in charity activities, not only earned better, but also showed better health. The link between helping and neurobiology was discovered. Through selfless help to others, altruism improves the cognitive functions of our brain, we become more active, less stressed. This is due to our organism secreting more hormones such as oxytocin and progesterone, which reduce excess stress. These hormones also strengthen our immune system, preventing dementia and reducing the amount of inflammation that leads to the growth of many diseases.

Therefore, it is worth helping, because volunteers live longer!

Volunteering does not always have to be associated with giving money. Sometimes a simple gesture of kindness, a smile or a sincere conversation with another person who is going through difficult moments brings extremely positive results. Such situations sensitize, make us feel positively, give us satisfaction, enrich us, which makes us better, full of positive energy.

How to become a volunteer?

To start, you have to look around, because everywhere there are places and people who need our help. These can be places such as social welfare centers, parishes, nursing homes or charity organizations. Sometimes a small gesture is enough, such as organizing a bicycle rally for children from poor families or helping in a nursing home, to see joy and happiness on other people's faces. Everyone can become a volunteer, regardless of their profession.

The boss or team leader can also become a volunteer. He can share his knowledge and experience. Thanks to this, such a boss becomes more reliable, friendly and closer to his employees. He gains more respect and loyalty from his employees and above all, receives gratitude, which is priceless.

Therefore, no matter what profession you work in, where you come from and how old you are - volunteering is good for everyone, because it brings benefits not only to the recipients but also to the helpers!

Therefore, we encourage you to participate in any charitable activity, whether it is a form of donation or a simple human gesture of kindness during your day.

Because it is good to help others !!!

Do not hesitate, give your heart to others!