Before you start

  • The most important part of your fundraiser is its title. It must encourage and draw the recipient's attention to your fundraiser.
  • You need to clearly define the purpose of your fundraiser and what you want to achieve thanks to it, eg "We are collecting for Ola's surgery".
  • The fundraiser description should be brief and must contain the most important information about your fundraising. At the same time, it should encourage recipient to make a donation.
  • Photo is another important element of your fundraiser! It is an online fundraising so the photo plays a greater role than its description.
  • The photo attracts attention and makes the fundraiser more known and closer to the recipient's heart.
  • Remember about grammar and spelling correctness!
  • Be honest and write about your fundraiser with all your heart!

Don’t be afraid to advertise your fundraiser!

  • The next step is to promote your fundraiser. It's best to use social media. Ask your family and friends to share your fundraiser or make a symbolic donation.
  • Also look for support on various online forums and platforms.
  • You can promote your fundraiser through posters and announcements at work and meeting places!
  • Invite as many people as possible to visit our website
  • it will help promote your fundraiser.
  • Share your fundraiser on all social media and thank your supporters.