• Arek fights for his life❗️

    Campaign information I am a dad of two small children, husband of a wonderful wife. I’ve got a cancer that has attacked my brain. It's a grade IV glioblastoma. I will never give up. I want to watch my children grow up, be a support for my wife. I won't let this monster take me out of this world,...
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  • Please help me keep my house

    I have been struggling with payments for my house for a year and a half. Unfortunately, the pandemic sealed my fate and my family will soon be faced with eviction unless I repay the debt soon, which is almost a miracle considering my earnings. Although I am paying off the debt, they are not...
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  • Celebrate an occasion and start fundraising

    Raise money for a birthday gift, wedding or  a special  party for a friend
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  • Start raising funds for your dreams

    Raise money for your own cause or help others make their dreams come true 
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