The cause of fundraising must be legal. Organizing a fundraiser for private financial gain and defrauding donors is a crime and carries with it legal judgments. If the fundraising cause is not in line with reality, the fundraiser and the organizer's account will be blocked, and the fundraiser will be suspended from the donors. Dishonest organizer will be brought to justice.

Our team use a verification system to check all documents and ensure the safety  of the fundraisers and benefactors.

What is not allowed to fundraise for:

  • Rising money for alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pornography, weapons, etc.
  • Incitement to crime is also a crime, violence, hatred, discrimination etc.

Take a look at the different categories you can fundraise for:

Health and Medical

Start raising money for those in need!

Set up a fundraiser page to raise money for a treatment, surgery, medical care, etc.

Save someone's life or help in theirs recovery! 


Make your dreams come true!

Rise money for the cause you care about! For example, a birthday present, a dream trip or for the so-called a "bucket list" – it’s a list of things that you always wanted to have, acquired or required in your life before it expires.


Make a one-time or monthly donation to a charity of your choice.

Autism and special needs children

Raise money for children and youth with autism or other disabilities and give them equal opportunities for development and a new quality of life.


Raise money and support a business, a social project or an interesting idea that you have always wanted to implement.